Building a movement 3 artists at a time

The COVID pandemic has shaken our world, but as artists, we can heal ourselves and others by expressing our truths. The Power of 3 connects us with each other and spreads a positive message more infectious than the virus.

Submit your post by June 14, 2020

How to Take the Challenge

Record Your Verse

  • Record a video of you reciting your verse with or without music. We have 3 exclusive beats you can optionally use.

Include These Phrases

  • Drop these phrases somewhere in your video post:
    — Stay Inside, Save Lives
    — Make this Message Infectious

Challenge 3 Artists

  • Tag 3 artists to challenge them. Put #powerOf3Challenge into your caption and tag @bigpictureanthems

Drop in These Phrases

Include these phrases in your video:

  • “Power of 3 Challenge”
  • “Stay inside…save lives.”
  • “Make this message infectious”

Thought Starters

Example themes you might write about:

  • Stay home, we can’t let our guard down
  • Trust medical experts over politics
  • Support each other as ONE human family

Available Beats:

You can optionally use any of these beats in your post as long as you credit the author and @tag their IG profile in your caption. These beats may ONLY be used in context of this challenge and may NOT be reproduced, resold, or packaged for sale in recorded works without permission.

The Power Inside – produced by Cliffnosis


Power of 3 Instrumental – produced by Brownz Boogie


Cast Out – produced by DAU – IG: @dmitrywashere

Challenge Toolkit

Post Caption – copy & paste:

Copy and paste this caption into your post, then replace the red @… text with the three people you’d like to challenge:

I’m taking the #powerOf3Challenge with @bigPictureAnthems to create, spread truth, and uplift others so we can flip the script on Covid-19.

I’m calling on @… @… and @… to take this challenge.

Visit @bigPictureAnthems and see link in bio for challenge rules.



#Powerof3Challenge #BigPictureAnthems #Powerof3Movement

Graphics to Download & Use:

You may download and use the following images in your content:

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