The Opportunity

There is a gap between what our youth need to know and what they are learning in k-12 education. Many important issues regarding career exploration, health, and life skills get glossed over in schools, leaving students “at-risk” and underprepared for what’s ahead of them after high school. Coupled with the fact that over a million students dropout every year, the need to have relevant, educational content is growing. The public outreach market is limited, as most PSA campaigns don’t resonate with this population and often come off corny. Meanwhile, youth are on their mobile devices consuming audio/visual content for eleven hours per week on average. This is where Big Picture Anthems comes in. Reaching youth where they’re at. Our differentiator is authenticity, stemming from two decades of working with, engaging and reaching at-risk youth about social causes.

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Our Value

In a wild-west social media landscape, measuring return on investment can be tricky. What we do know is having your audience engage socially with your brand is modern day currency. Likes, views, shares, and comments are the units of measurement, and in some cases we can measure particular outcomes based on clicks, conversions, and purchases. We also know that it’s tough to stick out from the clutter, and garnering extended attention beyond the 24 hour cycle is difficult. We excel armed with the following: 9 out of 10 youth prefer brands affiliated with a social cause, boldness rather than going along with the status quo is trending, cool over corny always prevails, and a compelling story still attracts and holds viewers’ attention. This is our aim at Big Picture Anthems; sticking out from the clutter with high quality, cutting edge media that is created as part of a bigger movement, for a bigger mission.