Using Music to Spread an UPLIFTING Viral Contagion

Using Music to Spread an UPLIFTING Viral Contagion

COVID-19 spreads exponentially by factors of 3. So we’re flipping that math on the virus and spreading an uplifting viral contagion. By artists adding their emotional truths and unique talents, we can weave a tapestry of powerful messaging that can impact millions of people to Stay Inside. Look Inside. But Stay Connected.

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How Authentic Expression Ignites a National Environmental Campaign

How Authentic Expression Ignites a National Environmental Campaign

Our Latest Documentary Release. A Great Story On Many Levels!

Our Latest Documentary Release. A Great Story On Many Levels!

Our latest video release is a Short Documentary featuring legendary rapper Masta Ace giving back to help 4 aspiring artists ages 12-19 pursue their dreams of being artists. Masta Ace coached the artists in a NYC studio as they recorded the next Big Picture Anthem entitled “Design Your Future.” The anthem is part of the #STEAMtheStreets initiative, which inspires and activates youth to pursue STEAM career paths. “Design Your Future” ” is available on all streaming devices.

Support these young artists’ careers and Big Picture Anthems by Watching The Short Documentary, downloading the song on any major streaming outlet and subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Making Headlines with Music for an amazing National Park!

Making Headlines with Music for an amazing National Park!

From left to right: Lora Bottinelli, Executive Director – National Council for the Traditional Arts (partner), Nehemiah “Nuisance” Vaughn (artist), Joey “Cangaroo” Lovett (artist), Ben Gilbarg (producer), and Kevin Jauregui (Geoscientist in the Parks Intern)

A few months back, Big Picture Anthems was hired by Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument to bring a couple of our artists down to Florissant, Colorado to experience this amazing National Park, and write songs about the experience. This just in: the songs are finalized, and our partner from Florissant, Jeff Wolin, wrote a great article about the project on the National Park Service’s website.

Listen to the songs and read the article HERE!.

STEAM Speaker Spotlight: Quinn Perry

STEAM Speaker Spotlight: Quinn Perry

Can you explain what you do in your job in 2-3 sentences? 

As an electrical engineer in the power industry, I study how to convert energy from the sun, wind, and water into electricity. I have to determine how to connect these different forms of renewable energy to a local power system, without affecting the safety and reliability of the system. I use computer simulation programs to evaluate the effects of renewable energy and how to mitigate any potential issues.

Why do you give back as a guest speaker in the STEAM the Streets program?

I give back as a guest speaker because I want to inspire the next generation of engineers and musicians.

What is your favorite part about sharing your career and story with the students?

My favorite part about sharing my career and story is that I get to show the students a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. My career as an electrical engineer allows for financial stability. Making music allows me to express myself and connect with people who relate with my message.

Do you remember a student question, comment, or reaction they had that totally made your day?

I remember the smiles on some of the students’ faces when I was rapping. I could tell I caught them by surprise.

What is the importance of having a role model such as yourself providing exposure for our students?

Having a role model with a similar background to the students is important because it shows them that they can come from New Bedford and be whatever they want to be. I’ve wanted to be an engineer since I was in middle school and a rapper since high school. Instead of choosing, I decided to do both at the same time.

What is a side hobby you have or something you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to listen to music or write new music of my own. I love rapping and singing new songs to myself in the car.

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Daniel Sopel Brings Experience In STEM Back To Hometown of New Bedford, MA

For Daniel Sopel, the rewards that STEM has brought him have been plenty, and he loves sharing his experience with the students in his hometown of New Bedford, MA.

Recently, Daniel posted to LinkedIn about the experience he’s had working with Big Picture Anthems speaking at schools in New Bedford. One of the biggest things he’s noticed when speaking is that students don’t quite understand how many careers exist in STEM fields, and how many opportunities exist in the field. In Daniel’s words:

“A concept that I think we, as STEM professionals, can get across better than educational materials is relaying the huge range of jobs that are out there, and how behavior that students already exhibit could be important skills.”

Overall, Daniel’s bringing STEM back to New Bedford’s youth has certainly had an impact on them. In his article, he reflects on how telling students how he overcomes challenges inspires him…knowing they will likely use that piece of advice to get over one of their own challenges.

You can read Daniel’s full article on LinkedIn here!

Big Picture Anthems & #STEAMtheStreets Making a Wave!

Big Picture Anthems & #STEAMtheStreets Making a Wave!

Big Picture Anthems got a huge write up in the SouthCoast Today newspaper, and highlighted just how important the #STEAMtheStreets movement is to both our community and the kids it seeks to empower. Check out the full article here!

We’ve had a productive school year bridging the gap between our youth and the STEAM fields that they’ll soon be desperately needed to fill. Since the publishing of the article, we’ve seen a lot more attention on social media and we’re looking to ride that wave into summer and eventually into next year.

So begs the natural question…what’s next for Big Picture Anthems and #STEAMtheStreets?

A recent trip out to Oakland opened our eyes to the possibility of a nationwide program to fill the ever-growing need for #STEAM trained employees. Not only do we hope to continue to inspire the youth within our community to be a part of this crucial field, but we also know that it’ll serve them well.

STEAM jobs pay a median hourly wage of $39.00 per hour, and the 93% of jobs in STEAM fields pay above the national average income. For the youth in our community and around the nation that are disadvantaged, the guarantee of a well-paying career is there. Big Picture Anthems seeks to show them it’s possible to seize this future.

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“Black Made That”- Screening & Panel

“Black Made That”- Screening & Panel

How do we close the diversity gap in tech, and build a stronger STEM pipeline?

We need to work with students at the ground level, and provide programs that build skills and experience. We also need to utilize relevant media to expose underrepresented students to successful people of color in STEAM fields to inspire them to be the next engineers, scientists, and designers. This screening and panel discussion features a confluence of both approaches.

“Black Made That” is a newly released anthem about Black Inventors featuring more than 400 students from MA to CA. “Black Made That” writer/performer Griot B and the video’s director, Ben Gilbarg will be panelists along with Randy Riggins, Adobe Project 1324 Engineering Manager, and Maira Benjamin, Director of Engineering at Pandora Radio. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Jennifer R. Cohen, site director of The Level Playing Field Institute’s SMASH Berkeley program.

Event will feature a live performance by Griot B, creator of ‘OurStory’ the first ever Black History album. The newest #STEAMtheStreets video profile featuring Randy Riggins of Adobe will also debut.


Sat, February 17, 2018

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST

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Kapor Center for Social Impact

2148 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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“Black Made That” ignites Black History Month

“Black Made That” ignites Black History Month

School Yard Rap and Big Picture Anthems partnered to create an all inclusive music video about
Black inventors. The upbeat anthem is from the first ever Black History Album, “Ourstory” by Griot B. “Black Made That,” brings to life inventions created by Black American trailblazers that shaped the fabric of our country. The video is part of S.T.E.A.M. the Streets, an initiative to inspire underrepresented youth to pursue STEM/STEAM career paths.

Featuring more than 400 students from New Bedford Massachusetts and Richmond, California, this cross continent project seeks to engage, uplift and inform all U.S. students about the rich history of Black Inventors.

Ben Gilbarg, the video’s director, and founder of Big Picture Anthems, shares his insight on why this video is important: “Youth listen to music and watch music videos constantly. Utilizing this relevant form of education certainly engages youth, and exposes them to the amazing contributions of Black people over time. Teaching a legacy of excellence helps them internalize that they too can become inventors, engineers and anything they put their mind to.”

As part of the S.T.E.A.M. after-school engagement program, fifth grade students at Carney Academy in New Bedford became stars of the production by performing a choreographed dance, and acting in the video. Karen Treadup, principal of Carney Academy states: “Our students were really engaged in the making of this video by Mr. Gilbarg and his staff. The students now feel ownership for the message that their future has unlimited possibilities.”

The writer and performer of “Black Made That,” Brandon ‘Griot B” Brown, serves as the president of the curriculum company School Yard Rap. He reached out to local high schools, elementary schools, and youth groups of Richmond California so students could be the emphasis of the STEM/STEAM inspired song. The song itself seeks to teach about Black made innovations with lyrics such as, “Wake up hit the switch, whole room light up / notice that filament all in the light bulb / wrinkled shirt, ironing board, use that nice huh / dry cleaned jeans. Nice touch.”

The video for “Black Made That” is available to view on the School Yard Rap channel on YouTube and Big Picture Anthems’ Facebook page. The first ever Black History Album, “Ourstory” by Griot B, is available for streaming or download on all streaming services.

“Black Made That,” will now become an integral part of S.T.E.A.M. the Streets school assemblies that use video, music, and relevant presentation to expose students to the vast career opportunities in Science Technology Engineering Art and Math.

For press inquiries, or to book school assemblies, video screenings, or performances contact: Brandon Brown – President, School Yard Rap 323-283-1481 Ben Gilbarg-Executive Producer, Big Picture Anthems 508-965-1132

Press Release for STEAM Outreach Event in New Bedford

On Wednesday, May 17 at 6pm, at New Bedford’s co-working space Groundwork, Big Picture Anthems will be holding a presentation and reception for the dynamic outreach campaign #STEAMtheSTREETS. The campaign aims to inspire underrepresented youth to pursue STEM/STEAM career pathways.

As a country, we have a crisis on our hands. In a world revolving around technology, there’s not enough qualified people to fill tech. jobs. Over 1.4 million tech. jobs will go unfilled in the year 2020 if we don’t build the proper career pipelines. Only 25% of schools offer high quality computer science programs. There is also an immense diversity gap with only 5% of top tech employees being Black or Hispanic. Without the education and exposure, many young people think that technology jobs are scary, out of touch or just not for them.

Big Picture Anthems is using videos, music, social media and star power to reach youth and expose them to STEM/STEAM career pathways. The campaign is starting in New Bedford with plans to scale to a national level. #STEAMtheSTREETS is being produced by Ben Gilbarg, who brought the New Be, New Me Campaign featuring Samantha Johnson to New Bedford in 2016. Local high school students are currently engaging in creating the first iteration of a mobile web application that will ultimately be a networking hub for increasing the STEM/STEAM pipeline. Videos are currently being produced to profile rising stars and diverse professionals in STEAM career fields, as to demystify tech. careers for youth. Big Picture Anthems is developing a school assembly program to bring this message and dynamic content to engage area students.

The Goals of the Campaign are as follows:

-To spark students’ interest in STEAM through dynamic media.

-To raise awareness amongst youth about STEAM careers.

-To make connections to what students are learning in schools to real world employment.

-To inspire students by featuring success stories who come from similar backgrounds.

-To encourage diverse students to start on a STEAM career path.

The event will include a presentation about the campaign and a panel to explore diversity in STEAM. This event is Free. To read the deck and watch the “STEAM Anthem” v.1 video, visit