Daniel Sopel Brings Experience In STEM Back To Hometown of New Bedford, MA

For Daniel Sopel, the rewards that STEM has brought him have been plenty, and he loves sharing his experience with the students in his hometown of New Bedford, MA.

Recently, Daniel posted to LinkedIn about the experience he’s had working with Big Picture Anthems speaking at schools in New Bedford. One of the biggest things he’s noticed when speaking is that students don’t quite understand how many careers exist in STEM fields, and how many opportunities exist in the field. In Daniel’s words:

“A concept that I think we, as STEM professionals, can get across better than educational materials is relaying the huge range of jobs that are out there, and how behavior that students already exhibit could be important skills.”

Overall, Daniel’s bringing STEM back to New Bedford’s youth has certainly had an impact on them. In his article, he reflects on how telling students how he overcomes challenges inspires him…knowing they will likely use that piece of advice to get over one of their own challenges.

You can read Daniel’s full article on LinkedIn here!